Société des Glaïeuls du Québec

Alice Antiopa Antoon Verberk Beautiful Angel Beauty Of Holland Blackheart Blackie Bradley W.
Bronze Tiger Chocolate Smores City Lights Coral Butterfly Country Charm Dauntless Dean's List Double Brown
Early Company Early Display Early Girlie Early Victory Early White Easy Rider El Diablo Elderberry Wine
Fireball II First Lady Flame Eye Flaneur Floret of Fern Flowerchild Fusion Hallmark
Huron Darkness Huron Memories Huron Tart Insatiable Jo Ann Jolie Julie Joyeuse Entree Liena
Marmalade Maybride Mogul Monet Mountain Gem New Age Perfecta Pillow Talk
Pink Love Plaisir Pretty Woman Purple Flora Purple Haze Raymond C Red Sparkler Rose Jewel
Showmate Smokestack Solveiga Something Special Stratosphere Tabasco Tall Dark Blue Unique
Velvet Eyes Vista Visual Arts Yellow Knife

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